About the MonumentThe palace was built in the 19th century for Omar Toson Pasha; one of the nobles by then who was born in Alexandria in 1872 and married one of the daughters of Hassan Pasha son of Khedive Ismail. He received his education in Europe and then returned to live and build three palaces located in Alexandria, Shubra and Zamalek. The Toson Palace investigated is located in Shubra as shown in figure 2, and it was used to include valuable oil paintings and silver statues which were moved out once the place turned into Shubra high school at that time. The Palace is surrounded by a huge fence which is centered with an iron gate as a main entry point for the palace garden as shown in figure 3. The palace main façade is eastern south oriented with three main centered wooden doorways. The first floor is reachable with three staircases: The main staircase is on the left of the main palace entry hall; the main staircase is severely deteriorated covered with a damaged skylight. Regarding the palace flooring; each of the palace levels included rooms which had the same flooring level and mostly covered with marble while others covered with wooden tiles. The palace is considered one of the most remarkable English constructions at that time, whether for the general palace planning or the different ornamental elements inside the palace



Main Hall

Bed Room
3D Models

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