CETL provides high quality & advanced technical services for the contemporary and heritage engineering, construction and operation verticals. CETL services include the following:

Reality Capture Services

3D Laser Scanning

CETL has 3D laser scanners with impeded cameras which enable collecting data of a real-world object or environment shape and appearance (i.e. color) with which digital three-dimensional models are constructed. to enable the following:

  • Quickly capture all the physical measurements of an object.
  • Save time in design work
  • Ensure well-fitting of parts
  • Utilize modern design for ancient objects]
  • Generate “as-built” of the real situation


CETL has an array of photogrammetry equipment and tools to provide the following services:

  • 360 imaging
  • photogrammetric 3D modeling
  • 360 walkthroughs

Subsurface Exploration (GPR Surveys)


CETL has robust high-performance multi-use ground penetrating radar (GPR) system capable of scanning large areas and providing an accurate 3D view of the subsoil with a high resolution and depth of penetration. which has many applications in civil engineering, soil investigation & archeology, reaching a penetration depth of 11m such as:

  • Identification numbers and arrangement of reinforcement bars in concrete elements and also making a corrosion map for the steel bars.
  • Determining the depth of steel bars, post-tensioning cables or anchors, measuring rebar cover, voids in concrete and cracks.
  • Measuring pavement thickness, voids, and delamination of pavement subsurface layers and also the detection of areas with drainage problems.
  • Investigation of soil layers, groundwater conduits, utility lines (oil & electricity) and locating buried pipelines for excavation planning.
  • Investigating historical structures and detecting cracks, decay patterns of columns.
  • deep soil investigation
  • archeological explorations
  • deep foundations explorations
  • deep utilities mapping and exploration


3D Modelling, Printing & Visualization

3D Printing

CETL holds 3D printer that enables prototyping of engineering solutions. It allows tacking ideas hand-on.

Virtual Reality Visualization

CETL is equipped with Oculus Rift headset for Virtual Reality (VR). It allows having attention to the details of created 3D models by conducting VR tours.

Interactive 3D Modelling

CETL is equipped with 30 latest desktop PCs that facilitate execution of its designated functions with respect to Software training and 3D Modeling. using the latest tools and techniques, such as:

  • 3D BIM modeling
  • 3D Generic Modelling
  • 3D interactive Game Engines Visualizations
  • 3D Modelling from point clouds
  • Point clouds manipulation

Technical and Professional Courses

CETL provides a variety of technical and professional courses specifically tailored to meet the demands of the contemporary and heritage engineering, construction and operation verticals. you can check our latest courses from this link